Library Book Sale!

This weekend is the Friends of the Public Library book sale, and that means one thing: cheap books for a great cause! I brought home five books from the sale today, and thought I'd share a list of my finds. If anything, this will show my wide variety of interest area in books :)


1. Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs: I really enjoyed The Friday Night Knitting Club, and love "foodie" books, so I thought I'd give this one a try!

Henry's Sisters

2. Henry's Sisters by Cathy Lamb: Lamb's The Last Time I Was Me is a favorite of mine, so I've been working my way through all her books. Excited to find this one I wasn't aware of!

Miss Understanding

3. Miss Understanding by Stephanie Lessing: This one had very mixed reviews on Good Reads...but for 75 cents a book, why not? I love a chick lit read every now and then!

The Freedom Writers Diary (10th Anniversary Edition)

4. The Freedom Writers Diary byErin Gruwell, and The Freedom Writers: a book about an influential English teacher who used books and writing to give her students hope.  Working in education, this is a book I was familiar with but hadn't read yet.

Under the Tuscan Sun

5. Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes: Of course I've seen the movie, but haven't managed to read the book yet!  I've recently become interested in Italy since watching The Brian Boitano Project on HGTV, where he remodels a crumbling family home in the hills of Italy. I also recently read Beautiful Ruins by  Jess Walter, set (for the most part) in Italy. So I couldn't resist picking up this one!

What are you reading this weekend? Pick up any new books at the book store, book sale, or library?

Happy Reading!


  1. I really want to read The Freedom Writers...I love the movie despite my irrational dislike of Hilary Swank.

  2. I haven't seen the movie, but heard of it of course. I'm sure the book is better :) I'll let you borrow when I'm done :)

    1. Sounds great! Would you like to borrow the movie? :)

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