World Book Night 2014 Part Three: My Day as a Book Giver!

I did it! I completed my first WBN Book Giving experience! It was definitely an exciting and memorable day!

I work for a small public liberal arts university in Oregon, and live in a neighboring small town. So the community I l both live in and work in are small communities.  The university I work for has a large (approximately 50%) population of first generation college students--meaning neither of their parent's earned a Bachelor's degree.  I was excited at the prospect of handing out free books in these small communities!

Above: my tote bag of books, and a shot of my book, Eleanor Brown's "The Weird Sisters." I love the cool WBN covers!You can read my review of The Weird Sisters here!

The first books I gave out were to some of my surrounding neighbors--I put the books in a plastic bag and dropped them off on their front porches before leaving for work this morning.  I would've loved to see the looks on their faces when they found their free book! I also gave a book to my coworker to give to her daughter. When reading the book I thought of her and that she might relate to one of the characters. She took it home to her daughter at lunch. When she came back to work, she said her daughter was super excited to receive the book and thrilled that the book was just for her!

I wanted some face to face interaction while giving away the book, so I packed up my bag of books  and took them with me to work to give around campus. I gave books away both during my short lunch break, and at the student center on campus with friend, fellow blogger, and fellow Book Giver Mel at Double Stacked Bookshelves . Most of my encounters went like this:

Me: "Hi! Do you like to read?"
Other person: "Um...yeah..." (weird look at me)
Me: "I'm volunteering with an organization called World Book Night, and we're giving away books today for free to promote reading and literacy! Would you like a free book?"
Other person: "Um....sure!!" (big smile)

We had a couple people say no, but most people walked away happy, reading the back cover of the book excitedly.  It was so cool to be a part of that joy as they walked away, especially because that joy was due to something that brings ME great joy--books! I was actually pretty sad when my bag was empty!

Tonight I looked at all the photos on instagram of other book givers (using #wbn2014) and was excited to see countless photos of fellow book givers across the country handing out books. It was so special to be doing the same thing on the same day as THOUSANDS of other book lovers.  It was an honor to be a Book Giver this year, and I can't wait for next year's event!!

Happy Reading!!