Summer Bookish Bingo: Final Update!

Excited to find a new reading challenge! Bookish Bingo, hosted by Great Imaginations! The challenge runs from July 1 through September 30, and the goal is to get a "bingo" by the end of the challenge! Examples of books that fit each category are listed on Great Imaginations' sign up post.

  • Sign-ups close on July 14th (sign up here)
  • One square per book.  For instance, Mockingjay starts with M and is also a series finale, but can only count for one square.
  • All reading must be done during the months of July, August, and September.
  • There will be a giveaway again!  Extra entries will be awarded for multiple bingos and a fully covered card earns +5!
Updates/Books Finished:

I completed 2 "Bingo's!":

1. B1-B5
2: B4, I4, N4, G4, O4

Here are the book titles:

B1: Stand Alone: Goodnight June
B2: Starts with S,U,M, E, R: Mrs. Hemingway
B3: Series Finale: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
B4: Blue Cover: If I Stay
B5: Music or Dance: 84 Ribbons
I1: Sky on Cover: The Bridge from Me to You
 I4: A Summer Release: Landline
N4: Strong Sibling Relationship: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
G1: Set During Summer: The Vacationers
G4: Animal Companion: The Art of Raising A Puppy
G5: Set in Europe: A Wedding in Provence
O2: Middle Grade: Nest
O4: Set on an Island: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry 
O5: Water on Cover: We Were Liars

Happy Reading!


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    1. Right? I'm already searching titles that fit each category!

  2. Ohhhhh, thanks for posting 'bout it! Hadn't come across that blog yet. I'm joining in!

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