C: Capeside, MA

Welcome to the second day of the A-Z Blogging challenge!  If you need a recap on my theme, "Places I Want To Visit: Real or Fictional"  you can read more about it here. Today's place is a fictional place, a place called:
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Capeside, MA!

I'm totally nerding out on this post here--but I'm a HUGE Dawson's Creek fan.  I loved the show, own all six seasons (plus the series finale) on DVD, and could probably ace most Daweson's Creek trivia quizzes.

Because of my obsession, the first fictional place I'm featuring for this challenge is Dawson's hometown of Capeside. I'd love to row my boat across the creek and climb up the ladder to visit my best friend. I'd love to go to the Rialto for a movie. I'd love to walk the halls of Capeside High. Spend a day hanging out with Joey Potter (my favorite character).  There are many things I love about Joey, but I love how driven and passionate she was about making something of herself. She challenged herself in college and took higher level English courses--showing her love for reading and education, which is why I loved her so much as a character. Getting to hang out with her in Capeside would be awesome!

Any fictional or real "C" destinations you'd love to visit? Any other Dawson's Creek fans out there (please tell me I'm not alone!!!)

Happy Friday!


  1. I used to love Dawson's Creek! Although I didn't watch the last few seasons. I'd have to say my show obsession is and always will be Friends. I'd love to 'visit' the Central Perk! :)

  2. It's such a great show!! I loved that at Gilmore Girls of course! Liked Friends too but never got super into it.

  3. I love Dawson's Creek as well :)

  4. I'm pretty sure I'm the only American female born in the 80s who did not watch this, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, etc. etc. I watched Frasier and Oregon Field Guide... lol


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