N: Narnia!

Welcome to the "N" day of the A-Z Blogging challenge!  If you need a recap on my theme, "Places I Want To Visit: Real or Fictional"  you can read more about it here. Today's place is a fictional place called:


Of course "N" has to be Narnia--I absolutely loved the Chronicles of Narnia series when I was younger! Narnia is a fictional fantasy world full of magic, mythical creatures, and talking animals (you can see why I like it!).  The series spans seven books, the series was originally published back in the 1950's.  My husband loves the books too, and we've talked about re-reading them together! Perhaps a fun summer project in the making?

Anyone else love this series and would love to visit Narnia? Or any other "N" locations?

Runner up for "N": Nantucket! I'm a big fan of Elin Hilderbrand's books, most of which are set in Nantucket.  I love coastal areas and the beach, and I've never been to a beach on the East Coast! Would  love to visit there someday!


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