Q: Quartz Mountain!

Welcome to the ever difficult "Q" day of the A-Z Blogging challenge!  If you need a recap on my theme, "Places I Want To Visit: Real or Fictional"  you can read more about it here.  I did manage to find a place I'd like to visit, a place called"

Quartz Mountain!

I love exploring my beautiful home state of Oregon, and I'm ashamed to say I didn't know Quartz Mountain existed until I was researching for this challenge! It's located in Lakeview, OR in the southern part of the state, east of the larger city of Roseburg. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I'd love to take a road trip there someday!  At 5,200 feet in elevation, Quartz Mountain has a large deposit of high purity silica, commonly known as quartz, hence the name. My husband is an earth science nerd, so I'm sure he'd love to explore this area as well!

Any fellow Oregonians been to Quartz Mountain? Or know of any other great "Q" locations to visit?


  1. Looks very impressive! I'd love to climb it.

    1. It does look super cool! Thanks for reading!

  2. I did not even know about this place.


    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
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    1. I didn't either and I've lived in Oregon forever! Thanks for reading!


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