Five Things Friday

My awesome blogger friend Brandie from Brandie is a  Book Junkie has started doing this Five Things Friday post, and I love it! Had to do it myself this week. Check out her blog--it's fantastic!
1. This Week in Reading


Finished these books this week! I liked, but didn't love Today Will Be Different. Quirky and fun writing, though!  I'm still formulating my review for Behind Closed Doors.  I hated the story...but couldn't put the book down. Look for my review next week when I can formulate better thoughts!

2. New Books I'm Excited About

Just got these two from NetGalley!!

3. Fun Thing(s) from the Week

 As many of you know, I live in Oregon, south of the Portland area.  When we get snow, our region totally shuts down. I know you East Coasters are probably laughing at us...we got about 4 inches of snow here and our main problem is ice. Because we get so little snow (some years no snow at all) our cities just aren't prepared for it and it becomes a big mess. The good news is that my work has been closed so I've gotten lots of reading done and had fun with Peyton!  He LOVES the snow.!

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4. Life Happens  
Because of the snow, classes at the gym have been canceled...I've been going crazy missing them! Been doing yoga at home, luckily!

5. Looking Ahead  
Only two days at work next week (one of which is our Food Day!) and then I have THIRTEEN straight days off! I am SO EXCITED. Not going anywhere (both our families live in the area) so I'm excited to have a lot of relaxation and reading time! 


  1. It's crazy how cities in the west and south shut down for snow. It's just another day in the life here. Lol. I WISH we shut down for snow!! Thankfully I'm off now anyway, so it can snow all it wants. Yay for long vacations!! I hope you enjoy the time off. The best vacations are the ones at home. Hopefully we both get a lot of reading done!

    Can't wait to hear what you think of Close Enough to Touch. I'm loving it right now!


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