Bout of Books: Goals and Progress

Bout of Books

Happy  Bout of Books, everyone! This will be my goals and updates post! In addition, I've also been selected as a Bout of Books expert, which basically means I have participated in Bout of Books several times and can help you with any questions you may have!


I'm gonna be real here. My life has been CRAZY lately, which is why my posts have been so infrequent. My life right now and this week is literally an episode of House Hunters/Buying and Selling. We just put our house on the market and are looking for a bit larger and newer one in our same area.  So I'm expecting to have very little free time! But I'm still planning on getting some reading in and being active on Twitter and other social media to connect with other participants! 

My current read:




Monday 5/8:
pages read: 30
Books read from: I Found You

Tuesday 5/9:
pages read: 45
Total pages: 75
Books read from: I Found You

Wednesday 5/10:
Pages read: 0. It was a bad day, guys!
Total pages: 75

Thursday 5/11: 
Pages read: 75
Total pages: 150
Books read from: I Found You

Friday 5/12:
Pages read: 105
Total pages:255 
Books Read from: I Found You

Saturday 5/13:
Pages Read: 295
Total Pages: 550
Books read from: I Found You, Gold Rush

Sunday 5/14:
Pages Read: 220
Total pages:  770
Books Read from: Gold Rush

Grand Total:

Pages Read: 770
Books Finished: I Found You, Gold Rush

Happy Reading!