Monday Musings 11/27

Peyton after our run!

My Week: Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, so this week was fantastic! I only worked Monday and Tuesday, so I had a full five days off and it was glorious. Did lots of yoga, lots of cooking, consumed lots of wine, and spent some quality time with my husband and fur kids. It was so relaxing! I didn't get as much reading done as I'd like so that's my goal for this week! Got our tree up and Christmas decorations out on Friday...a bit earlier than I would've liked but we had the extra time with the long weekend. Plus we got a new tree from Home Depot and my husband was itching to put it up and see how it fit in the new house.

Reading: Still reading The Alice Network! It's a beautiful book and I'm sad I haven't gotten through it as fast as I'd like. My goal is to finish it this week!


Workouts: I did a lot of yoga last week! Including Yoga + Wine at Eola Hills Winery  on Black Friday! My friend Debbie and I went to the event and had a fantastic time catching up and enjoying a glass of wine and a relaxing flow class.  Isaac and I did our usual walk to the coffee shop with the pups on Saturday, and on Sunday I went for a run, because it was actually nice weather outside for a bit! I did two loops around my neighborhood, each about 1.7 miles, and took each dog for one loop! They both love running with me. The picture at the top of this page is Peyton after our run. He was so happy! Though Elway behaved better on our run--Peyton always gets so distracted by smells!

Debbie and I ready for yoga class!
Wine: I posted last week about buying a case of Chardonnay at Eola Hills...the case sale was still going on when I was there for Yoga and Wine, so....I bought another case! This time, of their Classic Pinot Noir. So, we are quite stocked on wine for awhile :) Can't go wrong wit ha case of wine for $99 though--couldn't pass that up.

Cooking: I had a fantastic time cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my house with my mom! We cooked allll day which was exhausting but the results were delicious! Now I'm enjoying all the leftover turkey goodness!

I loved these flowers for the table!

Looking Forward to: Getting some reading time in this week.  After a two day week last week, a five day week is going to be tough...haha.

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  1. Does your tree change from colored lights to clear? I think that may be the same exact tree we got this year! I LOVE it!! It's so pretty.
    I'm sad the long weekend is over - it was absolutely perfect! I'm glad you had such a great 5 days off!
    I need to check into that book...I've seen it around a lot lately.

    1. It does change colors! I think it's the same one!! It's a great tree!

  2. Kudos on getting the decorating done!


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