Bout of Books 21 Wrap Up

Bout of Books

What a fun week of Bout of Books! I'm super glad I tracked time instead of pages read, it made for a fun and relaxing experience. I definitely spent more time reading  than I have lately, mostly in the evenings. I used to read every day at lunchtime but since we got Elway I've spent my lunch breaks driving home to let him outside since he's  still a pup.  I met all my goals! Unfortunately I didn't get to participate in the Twitter chats because they didn't work for my schedule but I still spent a fair amount of time on twitter connecting with other participants.Anyway, here are my results:

Total time reading: 14 hours and 15 minutes

1 book finished (Sisters Like Us)

Also a good part of the way through Best Friends Forever, should finish that soon!


Bout of Books 22 will be from May 14th to May 20th! Can't wait!

Happy Reading, friends!


  1. Great job on your accomplishments! You totally killed it this week!

  2. Great week of reading! I'm glad you had fun.


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