Monday Musings 1/22

My Week: It was a pretty average week with the usual work and crazy schedule. Wednesday was Elway's 8 month birthday--and he's already longer and taller than Peyton. He's going to be a big pup! 

Reading: I finished Podium Finish this week--a perfect read if you're getting excited about the Winter Olympics like I am! I also started The Lucky Ones, a book I'm reviewing for TLC Book Tours in February! Just started it this weekend and I'm already hooked. I also picked up A Gentleman in Moscow from the library and have started it but just haven't gotten sucked in yet. I do like the writing style though.


Workouts: On Thursday my gym did a super fun Zumba party! We had fun lights and glowsticks and it was super fun. It was a two hour class and I literally got 10.000 steps from Zumba alone that day. It's a great workout!

That's me on the left!
Yoga: On Sunday my friend Debbie and I went to a yoga class at Brooks Winery, about a half hour or so from my home. They cleared out the seats in the tasting room for us to have a lovely one hour flow class. The weather was horrible--windy and raining sideways outside. Luckily we had a great inside space. They offer the class regularly and I'm looking forward to going back when we can have class out on the deck and see this gorgeous view better!

Random: One day last week I was looking at my 500+ "to read' shelf on goodreads and decided enough is enough. I needed to clean out that list and make it less anxiety inducing! The "so many books, so little time" struggle is SO real! So, I went crazy and went through my whole list thinking "Do you REALLY want to read this?" So much of what I had on there was just random stuff I'd added from seeing the books online or on blogs and not really paying attention to their content and if I really did want to read them. I am pleased to report my list is a now manageable 156.  It was so cleansing!

Looking forward to: Spring! I know in the PNW we are getting off easy for winter (40s and rainy and no snow) but I'm so done with the dark and dreary.  Doing all the self care to combat the miserable weather!

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  1. I need to find some wine and yoga close to me! It sounds so awesome!! I'm over the dreary winter days, too. Unfortunately, they're calling for snow again here. UGH.
    That's awesome that you purged your TBR! I do the same thing every few months. I try not to let it get about 150 books, because I know I'll never read them all.
    I've heard A Gentleman in Moscow is really good, beautiful writing, but takes some patience. I hope you enjoy it. It's on my TBR for this year.
    I need to try Zumba to get all those steps!


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