Tell Me Something Tuesday: Disappointments


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This Week's Question: What were some of the big best seller books that disappointed you?

All these authors are ones I normally LOVE....except for these books.  The disappointment from these ones won't keep me from reading their future books, though! 

I hate to post this as a huge CoHo fan, but this one just didn't do it for me. At all.  Read why I didn't like this one here.
I've always been a Jane Green fan, but this one did NOT work for me. Read why here. Dare I say, Falling seemed to be an appropriate title? 
I either LOVE Hilderbrand's books, or really don't like her books. That was the case with this one. Read why here.
What are some best sellers that disappointed you? How did that affect your view of the author?


  1. A lot of James Patterson's books end up being disappointing to me. I've had to learn to both not read everything he publishes and lower my expectations.

  2. What Ethan said above! I used to love James Patterson, but sometime along the way he started to disappoint me. So did Nicholas Sparks.


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