What I'm Listening To: Podcasts

I've been working on ideas for other content in addition to books for this blog (obviously added in some yoga/health/fitness) and to tie in with that I wanted to talk about how I'm still learning when I'm not reading, and for me, that's podcasts! I also listen to NPR (technically, the local Oregon version) on the way to and from work and learn a lot during that time. Please tell me I'm not the only nerd that regularly listens to NPR? I frequently annoy my husband with "fun facts I learned on NPR today."
I work out a lot, and when I'm at the gym, I prefer listening to podcast episodes. I've tried audiobooks, but I really just prefer a self contained single episode during my run. If I do listen to audiobooks, it's usually re-reads, so if I zone out I'm not missing too much! Here are some of the podcasts I've been loving lately:
1. The School of Greatness, hosted by Lewis Howes: A former arena football player and USA mens' handball team member, now business, marketing and media guru, Lewis believes in achieving your ideal life. He interviews successful athletes, businessmen, and overall inspiring people for his podcasts, as well as sharing his own tips for greatness. I first heard about his podcast when he interviewed Melissa Hartwig, creator of the Whole 30 (no, I haven't done Whole 30 but Melissa is awesome!!) and have listened to every episode since. He's so motivating and encouraging to listen to, and focuses a lot on health and exercise.
2. The Psych Files, hosted by Michael A. Britt, Ph.D.:  This is an excellent podcast if you're interested in human behavior but especially those who majored in or are studying psychology.  Dr. Britt frequently links current events with concepts in psychology, making the podcast relevant and engaging. I've been listening to this one for years and it's one of my favorites.
3. Hidden Brain (by NPR), hosted by Shankar Vedantam: Similar to The Psych Files, Shankar links current research in psychology and neuroscience to other fields and current events. Hidden Brain originally started as aweekly series on NPR's Morning Edition and soon became a podcast. I like that it gives you real world insights based on research you can apply directly to your life. Again, probably more interesting if you're a psychology nerd like me.
What are some of your favorite podcasts? What do you love to listen to?


  1. Where do you go to listen to podcasts? I've never listened to one before, and I don't like to listen to audio books when I run (I get too distracted).

    1. I should've put info about that! If you have an iphone, it should come with a podcast app. If not, you can download apps like PodCast Addict or iTunes. Then you can search on that app for the podcasts.


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