Tell Me Something Tuesday: When I Read


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This week's question: When is your favorite time to read? 

Truthfully, I love to read literally anytime. I ALWAYS have a book or my kindle (or both) with me. But if I had to pick my ideal time, it would be during my lunch break at work. I work in a pretty busy office, so as an introvert, I crave my quiet time during my hour long lunch break. If it's sunny out, I'll walk to the park that's about a block away from my office and read outside and eat much lunch, but most of the time when it's not warm and sunny (I do live in Oregon...) I sit in my car. As crazy as that sounds, I love it. It's quiet, people rarely bug me, and I can get a solid chunk of time dedicated to reading and getting a mental break from my busy day. I do read in the evenings before bed sometimes--depends on the day and what I've been up to that evening. Sometimes I'm just too tired!

I also love to spend my weekends reading.  My husband plays volleyball with a group of friends on Friday nights (our date night is Saturday). So, I get Friday nights to myself. It's glorious. I'm usually exhausted after the workweek, so it's nice to just have some introvert time to relax, decompress, and unwind. My usual plan is a hot bath and a book! Then I'm refreshed for a fun weekend with my husband and/or friends. I usually get some reading time in on Sundays too.

When do you like to read? 


  1. Before I switched jobs and went part time, I used to love to read on my lunch break, too. I'd drive to the park and sit in my car for that hour. It was fabulous! Now the only time I have is usually in the evenings after Sunnie goes to bed, if I can stay awake. And weekends.

  2. I remember trying to read during my lunch break and everyone always interrupted. You have the right idea by going somewhere quiet, I am sure it totally helps you recharge.


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