Hello, Monday...April 16


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Weekend: It was a pretty low key weekend! Last weekend we went to the beach, which was delightful, so this weekend we just stayed home.  It was rainy, so perfect reading weather. I did run a 5K on Saturday--a great local race to support the education association in my community. The rest of the weekend I was pretty lazy--got a lot of reading done!

Reading:I picked up a stack of books from the library on Thursday and got quite a bit of reading done! I read all of  Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, the March Reese Witherspoon book club pick that finally came in for me at the library.  I really enjoyed it! I also started the April pick, Happiness. Memoirs can be hit or miss for me....so I'm surprised I'm flying through this one! For my trip this week (see the Looking Forward to section) I'm packing Hurricane Season--I started it and put it on hold for my library books. It will be my airplane reading!


Workouts: Last week included some zumba, yoga and elliptical training since I had my run on Saturday. Confession--in the second mile of my run I totally tripped  and biffed it.  Caught my foot on one of the edges of the concrete squares on the path. Felt completely ridiculous. Sraped up my hand a little but otherwise completely fine, other than feeling like an idiot. I can dance, I can stand on my head in yoga....but I trip when I'm running. Ha! Never fallen during a run before but I've seen many others fall so I guess it was my turn! BUT...a nice guy helped me up and I just kept going! It wasn't chip timed so I'm not sure of my official time but by my phone app I was just over a 9 minute mile pace, on a course that had hills and was super windy. I'll take it!!!

Love my gym running buddies!!
Looking Forward to: I'm leaving tomorrow to fly to Orlando for a work conference!!! I am SO excited for some SUNSHINE! This Oregon gray weather has been a bummer lately!! Yes, I know you're all singing it from Book of Mormon: "Orlandooooo! I love you Orlandooo!".  I've never been to the SE United States at all so I'm super excited to add another state and region to my travels. Blogging will be light this week since things will be a bit crazy! Watch my instastories for some sunshine!!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!