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Blog Tour: The Wrong Kind of Woman (excerpt)

  THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN By Sarah McCraw Crow   Publication Date: October 6, 2020 by MIRA Literary Fiction; Coming of age fiction; Mothers & family 320 pages Buy Links: Amazon |  Barnes & Noble |  Indie Bound | Books-A-Million About the Book A powerful exploration of what a woman  can  be when what she  should  be is no longer an option In late 1970, Oliver Desmarais drops dead in his front yard while hanging Christmas lights. In the year that follows, his widow, Virginia, struggles to find her place on the campus of the elite New Hampshire men’s college where Oliver was a professor. While Virginia had always shared her husband’s prejudices against the four outspoken, never-married women on the faculty—dubbed the Gang of Four by their male counterparts—she now finds herself depending on them, even joining their work to bring the women’s movement to Clarendon College. Soon, though, reports of violent protests across the country reach this sleepy New En

Blog Tour: The Mirror Man (excerpt)

      The Mirror Man Jane Gilmartin Publication Date: October 20, 2020 by MIRA 9780778309642, 0778309649 Fiction / Science Fiction / Suspense 352 pages   Purchase Links: Amazon Barnes & Noble Bookshop     Indie Bound  About the Book: The offer is too tempting: be part of a scientific breakthrough, step out of his life for a year, and be paid hugely for it. When ViGen Pharmaceuticals asks Jeremiah to be part of an illegal cloning experiment, he sees it as a break from an existence he feels disconnected from. No one will know he’s been replaced—not the son who ignores him, not his increasingly distant wife—since a revolutionary drug called Meld can transfer his consciousness and memories to his copy. From a luxurious apartment, he watches the clone navigate his day-to-day life. But soon Jeremiah discovers that examining himself from an outsider’s perspective isn’t what he thought it would be, and he watches in horror as “his” life spirals out of control. ViGen n