Mini Reviews: The Midnight Library and Anxious People

 Happy Friday, friends! I know I've been a slacker in the blogging department lately. To be honest, I am not a fan of the new blogger as far as formatting posts go....anyone else not a fan? 

However, I've definitely still been reading books! I thought posting these mini reviews would be an easy way for me to get some more content going on here, since I'm already writing these reviews for Goodreads and Instagram. These two books are both books I can't stop thinking about days (or even weeks) after finishing them!


The Midnight Library was a fantastic read. It really made me think, and  I really related to Nora on so many levels. The book really highlights  how our choices affect our lives and the lives of others, as well as shedding light on mental health struggles in a very real way. Though this book tackles serious topics, it's done in an entertaining way.  I loved seeing what was in store for Nora in each of her parallel lives--she had a myriad of different experiences based off her Book of Regrets. I absolutely recommend this book to everyone and it's one of my 2020 favorites. I bought the book the day it came out and it was absolutely worth it.

"She imagined seeing herself as just another brilliant freak of nature. Just another sentient animal, trying their best. And in doing so, she imagined what it was like to be free."


Anxious People was another fantastic read.  I loved the writing, and I loved the story. There were so many passages I stopped to reread. I received this book both from NetGalley and from's ALC program, and I STILL purchased the book for myself because I had to have this book physically in my hands. I'm not one to write in my books, but there were so many passages I wanted to highlight and underline. Backman's writing style is so unique and so brilliant. This is the third Backman book I've read this year (I've also read Beartown, and Us Against You) and I'm completely in love with his writing style.The characters are so real, and I just could not put this book down.

“Some people accept that they will never be free of their anxiety, they just learn to carry it."


What book have you read lately that you can't stop thinking about? Happy Reading! 


  1. Nice reading your thoughts on The Midnight Library as I have that coming up soon. Thanks for sharing!

    The new Blogger takes some getting used to, that's for sure...


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