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 Today's topic:

How do you organize your Goodreads Shelves?

Ah, Goodreads.  It's such a great website, even if it does have some flaws. Two flaws that really bother me are 1) not being able to give half stars and 2) No DNF shelf. I use the three main ones--Want to Read, Read, and Currently Reading. I definitely with they had a DNF shelf.  I created a DNF shelf, but I only shelve books there if I made it a significant amount in the book (usually, 30%) because you still have to make it as read to shelf it on your custom, DNF shelf. It wouldn't make sense to have it on Want to Read and be a DNF. Anyway.....

 I do have shelves for the different ways I get ARC's or blog tour books--I have a NetGalley shelf, and Edelweiss shelf, and a TLC Book Tours shelf.  I also have shelves for reading challenges (like the Library Love challenge) or book groups (like the Reese Witherspoon book club books).  I also have a "favorites" shelf.

 But here's the thing...I'm TERRIBLE at updating my custom shelves. Obviously the want to read, read, and currently reading are all good because I track my reads towards my goodreads reading goal, but the others...I KNOW there are books that fall into all those shelf categories that are in fact, NOT on  the proper shelf. Ha! While it's not difficult to add a book to a custom shelf on the mobile app, I'm much more likely to add it when I'm using the desktop app, which isn't too often.  One of these days I just need to go through allll my books on goodreads and make sure they're on the proper shelves.  But so far I haven't had motivation to do that!! :)

How do you organize your goodreads shelves? Please tell me I'm not alone in forgetting to put books on shelves! :) Also, feel free to friend me on Goodreads!

Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for playing along this week! So, when you made your DNF shelf, did you mark it as "exclusive?" This is what "read, currently reading, and Want to read" are... when you can only pick one. You can make additional exclusive shelves, which means you don't have to also mark the book as "read." I've added two additional exclusive shelves: "paused reading" and "did not finish" Let me know if you have other questions.

    Now that I have hundreds of books on my shelves, I'm never going to go back and fix them to what I wish I'd done over 10 years ago when I started. But it does help me keep track of what I've read and when, which is good.


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