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 Today's topic:

Social Media: Love them or hate them?

In general, I think the idea behind social media is great. I love that it allows you to easily connect with others who live far away, and to share updates and pictures with family and friends. I absolutely do not love the drama that it can cause, particularly on Facebook. People can get pretty nasty from behind their keyboards.

Instagram is definitely my favorite platform. I love photos, and the bookstagram community is fantastic. I've met so many awesome humans through bookstagram from all over the country (and world!). It's fun to connect with others and find the other things we have in common besides books. Overall Instagram and bookstagram is a pretty positive community (most of the time). I discover so many new books and authors through bookstagram, and really enjoy seeing everyone's creativity in their photos. 

 I don't use Twitter too much--mainly just for Bout of Books.  I use Goodreads to track all my reading, though it's not quite the same level of connection with others as platforms like Instagram. I do enjoy reading review from trusted friends on Goodreads.

 In addition to the negativity, a main downfall of social media is that it's easy to spend WAY too much time on it. I often think about how much MORE reading I would get done if I stopped looking at Instagram!! Haha. For this reason, I just stick to Facebook (personally, less with the blog)and Instagram (and goodreads for reading tracking). I've tried Swell and gotten numerous invites to Clubhouse, and just don't want to overload myself. 

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  1. Yep... Just today a few of us were discussing the good ol' times of twitter. Back when we had silly conversations, talked books, and were happy. It really started to change about 5 years or so ago. Now it's a place of so much hate. But I still find some fun there, and I continue to promote the blog on social media, so... a necessary evil?

  2. I mostly stick to Instagram and Twitter but I'm super picky about who I follow and what I engage in. It can all get too emotionally draining in both time and mental energy.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth


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