For All Their Lives

Title: For All Their Lives
Author: Fern Michaels
480 pages, published July 1992
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance
Source: Borrowed from my Mom

Though I've heard of Fern Michaels, I've never read any of her books until my mom shared this one with me.  I started reading it at the end of the readathon last weekend, when I was looking for a lighter, easier read after spending some time reading Winter's Tale.

The book is set during the Vietnam War, and follows two main characters--Captain Mac Carlin and half French, half American Army nurse Casey Adams. They meet  in San Francisco before being sent to Vietnam, and fall in love. Both are sent off to war and continue their romance.  Then, Casey is badly injured during the Tet Offensive, and is believed to be dead.  The story then follows both their struggles to move on from the war--each leading separate lives but never stop thinking about each other.  Will their paths cross again?

What  I liked  most about this book was the historical fiction aspect.  I've read a lot of historical fiction set in WW2, but not in Vietnam.  That's why my mom recommended it to me--because she grew up in the Vietnam War era and appreciated this book as well.

The book started out strong--fast paced story, interesting and well developed characters,  and great writing--but slowly lost momentum  as I read on.  I felt like the characters were going in completely different directions and that there was no coherent direction the plot was going. The ending was  not what I expected either. It wasn't quite the romance novel it appeared to be.

If you're looking for a good historical perspective on the Vietnam war, you will enjoy this book. If you're looking for a novel with a focus on romance, you won't find it in this book!

Overall rating for "For All Their Lives": B-