Mini Review Monday

Happy Monday, friends! I wanted to share some short reviews of some books I've read in the last few months that I've really enjoyed!

Title: My Name is Memory 
Author: Ann Brashares
336 pages, published June 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction
Source: Purchased for myself

This was my first time reading Ann Brashares (I reviewed her latest book here) and I loved every moment of this book. Daniel has spent centuries falling in love with the same girl, who he calls Sophia, over and over again in each of his lifetimes throughout history--and each time she slips out of reach.  Daniel has "the memory"--ability to recall past lives and recognize souls from lifetime to lifetime. Will this be the lifetime he finally gets to spend with her? This novel is beautifully written, the story is creative and unique, and you'll fall in love with the characters. One not to miss!
Overall rating: A

Title: Beautiful Ruins
Author: Jess Walters
337 pages, published June 2012
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: Purchased for myself

In 1962  on the sunny coast of Italy, a young innkeeper looks across the water and sees a gorgeous woman approaching him on a boat. He spends a lifetime loving her despite  moving on with his life. The book cascades through Italy, to the Edinburgh Film Festival to the back lots of contemporary Hollywood. The book had charming characters but I was expecting more of it to be set in Italy--I think I would've liked it more if I would've had different expectations. The book was entertaining and kept me interested and tied everything together nicely at the end.
Overall rating: B 

Title: The Promise of Stardust
Author: Priscille Sibley
432 pages, published February 2013
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: Purchased for myself

When a tragic accident leaves Elle brain dead with little hope for recovery, her husband Matt is devastated. Before removing her from life support, doctors discover that she is pregnant--making a clear cut decision an extremely difficult one. Matt knows Elle would want him to see if the baby would make it---but Elle's parents disagree--leading to a legal battle. This book is full of rich emotion, powerful characters, and a thought provoking plot.  It's an eloquent page turner that's completely worth the read--but have tissues handy!
Overall rating: A

Happy Reading!


  1. I've read two of those. The Promise of Stardust didn't work for me :( but I thought Beautiful Ruins was lovely. My local bookstore is hosting a big spring dinner based on that book with Italian food...mmm! Can't wait!

    I really like mini reviews!

    1. I read Beautiful Ruins as part of a book club, and for our meeting to discuss that book we met at a yummy Italian restaurant! So fun!! A bookstore hosting a dinner based on a book sounds SO fun!! Enjoy!


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