My Bookish Bucket List!

Two great book blogs, Love at First Book and The Book Wheel created the idea of a "bookish bucket list"--book related things you want to do or accomplish before you die. I couldn't resist the idea of creating my own! Here's my list:  Items in pink have been completed since originally publishing this list!

1. Write a book: probably a novel.  I don't have an idea bursting out of me yet, but this is one of my life goals!!
2. Meet authors! As many as I have the opportunity to meet! I got to meet author Cathy Lamb at Powell's Books on 9/9/2014!!
3.  Have a Library in my home with a full, wall to wall bookshelves...and a library ladder! What book nerd DOESN'T want a library ladder?! My library will be full of comfy seating areas, blankets, and a great window view :)
4. Learn as much about blogging as I can. I'm still new to book blogging, and I must say I'm LOVING it so far.  But I know I still have a lot to learn! I'm lucky to have connected with some other great book bloggers
5. Visit Libraries/local bookstores in other cities.
6.  Read more classics. Any recommendations of your favorites?
7.  Write letters to authors whose books have inspired me. Hand written letters are so rare these days, and I think it would be really special to connect with authors in this way.
8. Make more book blogging friends.

9. Host a reading/blogging challenge  (like the daily ones for Bout of Books)
10. Make some book themed crafts--I want to be more crafty! Anyone have any good ideas??
11. Attend a book blogging conference/book related conference (in person, not just Armchair BEA)
12. Reach 250+ followers on my Facebook, twitter, instagram and bloglovin pages!
13.Go to a book signing I went to author Cathy Lamb's reading, talk and book signing for her book "What I Remember Most" at Powell's Books on 9/9/2014!
14. Have a review published by a website or national publication
15. Participate in as many reading events (Dewey's, Bout of Books, etc) as possible. Please let me know of other fun reading/blogging events!
16.Have a spending spree in a bookstore. Go to a bookstore, buy anything and everything I want, and not care about the money.  Perhaps I need to buy a lottery ticket first.

17. Host a book swap party. Who's wants to come??

18. Read all the Harry Potter books.Completed 8/22/2014!!!  This was my Summer 2014 Reading project and I am proud to say I did it! I LOVED the series!!

19. Inspire others to read through organizations like World Book Night. I was honored to be a book giver this year and look forward to future years with this fantastic organization!

20. Read everything on my bookshelf.  A TBR list on Goodreads is OK but unread books on my shelf? These need to be read!

What are some goals on your "Bookish Bucket List"?

Happy Reading!


  1. Great list!! I have never read all of Harry Potter, either...I know - crazy! I also would love to have my review published nationally, have more followers, and read all of the books on my shelves at home! I have a bad habit of buying books that just collect dust.

    I've always wanted to read more classics...but can't seem to get into them. I hope as I get older and my tastes evolve than maybe I'll want to pick one up.

    Love the pic of your bookshelf. I see quite a few on there that I've read and loved!

    1. Oh good! Someone else who hasn't read all of HP either!! I've considered having HP be my summer reading project but there are just too many other books I'm wanting to read more...

      I've had trouble getting into classics too. Didn't like them at all in HS. Tried rereading a few as an adult without much success (though I did enjoy Gatsby when I re-read it as an adult). But I still want to try to read more--maybe I'll find one I really like!

  2. How can you be my sis if you haven't read the Harry Potter books! I have the 1st and 5th one (random, I know) and you can always borrow them.

    Also - count me in on your book swap! I've been thinking of suggesting this to my book club.

    1. I know, I know. You should see the looks I get when I saw I haven't read HP. I have several friends who've offered to let me borrow them! Considering it as a summer reading project! And I will definitely count you in when I work out the details for a book swap party!

  3. Library in my house and book shopping spree - YES! I also would like to hit 100 followers on my blog!

    1. Wouldn't a book shopping spree be just awesome?!? I'd need that huge home library in order to find a place for all my purchases!!

      I'd also like more blog followers, in addition to all the social media followers! Slowly working my way up with more followers.


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