Harry Potter Through The Eyes of A First Time Reader: Part 1

Even though I'm a voracious reader, I somehow made it to age 30 (almost 31) without reading Harry Potter.  I have received my fair share of "You HAVEN'T read Harry Potter??" comments,  along with strange looks of surprise. But it's true--I haven't read them. I don't really have a good reason as to why, other than they just never sparked my interest.  I remember hearing about when each book and movie came out, and watching the obsessive fans and wondering if it was really worth the hype.   I even watched movies 1 and 2, and felt them to be extremely overrated.  Now, I know to Never Judge a Book By Its Movie. After watching it, I knew the book would clearly be better, because books are ALWAYS better. But my disappointment in the movie just didn't motivate me enough to read it.

However, I have countless friends who are avid readers who love the series, including my close friend and "sister" in Seattle. For the last few years I always had planned on reading it someday, mainly out of curiosity to see what the hype was about. Once I started my blog, I came into contact with even MORE readers who loved the series, and as I was creating my Bookish Bucket List, I knew reading the HP series had to be in it. As a result, my Harry Potter summer reading project began! Here are my comments on the first book! (FYI: no spoilers here--I realize there are those who haven't read the series either!!)

Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Author: J.K. Rowling
309 pages, first published 1997
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Amazon Prime Kindle Borrowing Library

In this first book in the series we meet Harry, who has had a miserable life growing up with the Durley's, whom he has been living with since his parents were killed when he was a baby. Everything changes when a letter arrives and Harry learns he is a wizard. He then begins his journey at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he finds new friends, magic around every corner, aerial sports and a greater destiny that's been awaiting him his entire life.  I was sucked into this story immediately by Rowling's charming and witty writing style, loveable characters, and entertaining story.  I'm not obsessed with the series yet, but I'm definitely intrigued. I am  quickly realizing I may have to eat my "this is overrated" words. I loved Rowling's creativity--it made the book so fun to read (a three headed dog named Fluffy?!).  But I must admit I found myself wondering "There are SIX more books of this?" frequently during the first one.  Even so, I am excited to continue on in the series!
Rating for HP #1: A-

Is there a popular series you've been putting off reading for one reason or another?

Happy Reading!


  1. I've yet to read the Divergent books (I got so many spoilers of the ending when the last book came out that I don't think I'll bother). I'm not too upset about it.

    I started reading Harry Potter after the first three (I think?) books were already out, and then I read each of the remaining ones soon after they were released. For me, the series as a whole is overrated, though I did really enjoy the first three books and I would recommend them. After that, I felt like I needed to take a red pen to the text (all you have to do is look at the books to see what I mean... after book 3, the length suddenly jumps and they get unnecessarily long).

    I'm not a fan of the movies, either, but that's probably because I didn't like Daniel Radcliffe in the main role. I thought he was a pretty weak actor at the beginning of the series (though I'll admit that I still haven't seen the last three movies, so I don't know if he got any less wooden).

    1. That is a good point about the Divergent series. I read them and thought the first book was the best of the three.

      I'm interested to see what I think of the rest of the series. The first book was enjoyable, but as I said in my post...really? SIX more? So we'll se how they go!

  2. Harry Potter came out when I was ole enough to not pay attention to what looked like a kids' book. I hardly read YA at the time either. So I didn't start reading them until the last book was about to come out. That had to be my late 20s I think and I was teaching high school English so my students were always making references I couldn't understand, so I only started reading them for that reason. So glad I read them though - very good stories.


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