Aloha Also Means Goodbye

305 pages, published November 2013
Genre: Women's Fiction, chick lit
Source: NetGalley
Note: I received this ebook from NetGalley. This is my honest review.
Jo and Jordan got married in Africa five years ago--and now they're in Hawaii for big wedding/vow renewal ceremony, planned by Jo's mother. However, Jo finds out that their marriage in Africa wasn't legal--and hasn't told anyone yet. Jo is also forced to come face to face with her past when her ex-fiancĂ© Andy shows up on the island with his kids. Luckily, her two best friends are on the island with her to help.  Will everything turned out just how her mother planned? Can Jo resolve some issues in her past?
What drew me to this book was the cover and the setting--I absolutely love Hawaii.  I do love a good chick lit beach read every now and then, and that's exactly what this book is. It's perfect for a relaxing afternoon by the pool or beach. At the beginning of the book, I felt it was very predictable--even more predictable than I can usually handle. But there were a few twists and turns that kept me entertained, and I did enjoy the ending.
Since the reason I picked up the book was because it was set in Hawaii, and honestly, I was expecting more Hawaii in this book.  They mentioned the beach, the pool and the resort, but no Hawaiian names, names of beaches, towns,  the island they were staying on...anything like that.  Since the title so completely refers to Hawaii, I wanted more Hawaii in the book!
I did enjoy the characters and how everything tied together. I especially liked Jo as a character and following her journey to understand what she wants in life.  If you're looking for a relaxing beach read, this book is for you!
Overall rating for "Aloha Also Means Goodbye": B
Happy Reading!