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1. I've been reading some great books lately!! I'm loving the Harry Potter series (as many of you know I'm reading them for the first time this summer) and I've also read some excellent books lately including Rainbow Rowell's Landline, and The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin.  Last night I finished Goodnight June by Sarah Jio, and I absolutely loved it! I've been on a string of really good reads lately, and I'm loving it!

 2. I work at a university, and my office building had a "garage sale" yesterday where you could clean out your office and put any items in the sale you'd like. All items are free to other employees. Of course I had to browse! As I mention in my About Me section, my undergraduate degree is in psychology. So imagine my excitement when I found a copy of the DSM-IV! The psychology nerd in me is VERY excited about this. I know it's an older edition, but I'm still excited :)

3. For our anniversary back in May, my mom bought my husband and I tickets to see Book of Mormon in Portland. We're going this Saturday! So excited!!!!!

4. It has been HOT. At least, hotter than normal for the Pacific Northwest! It's been 90+ for the last couple weeks, with the exception of last Sunday when there was a thunderstorm and mid 70s for the high. Crazy weather!

5. I was an iPhone user for years, and I recently switched and got the Galaxy s5 for my latest upgrade. I loved my iPhone, but I must say the Galaxy s5 is amazing! The camera is fantastic, I like the bigger screen, and it's just as easy to use and navigate as the iPhone.  Happy I made the switch!

What's on your mind, friends?

Happy Reading!



  1. Oh, wow, I also loved Goodnight June...and I adore the Pacific Northwest. Every time I visit Seattle (and I keep going, as if I'm pulled there), I want to move.

    My undergraduate degree was also in psychology...and then I got my M.A. in Counseling. A retired social worker, I love my new writing life and using my collective experiences to create the characters in my books.

    But as for your phone...I am also in the market for an upgrade, and fluctuating between the iPhone and something by Galaxy. I'll be interested to learn more.

    Enjoy your week...Here in Central California, we are having triple digit temperatures...but great air conditioning helps. LOL

    Here's Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts

    1. I love living in the PNW. My best friend lives in Seattle, and I love taking trips up there to visit her!! Going in September, so excited!

      Psychology majors unite!! :)

  2. Yay - I love these posts - glad you're doing them!

    I am so intrigued by Seattle (reading the comment above) and I'd love to visit someday. I've never been to that side of the country at all. I had thought it was mostly cooler - which is what I prefer. I hate the heat. In Ohio, we can get up in the 80's and muggy and that's just miserable to me. I was so happy this week it's been cooler and we could open the windows and turn off the AC!

    I am so glad you loved Goodnight June!! Such a great book. I want to read her Violets of March book soon. I've heard it's really good.

    I'm a die hard iPhone lover - my husband went to the Galaxy Note and I'm not a big fan. But, if the Amazon Fire phone is as awesome as it seems, I may have to ditch my iPhone and make the switch. I'm glad you're liking your new phone! :)

    1. Seattle is my favorite big city (next to Denver). You should definitely visit someday! It's rainy, but still sunny a lot too. We don't get the muggy weather like the east coast does. My best friend lives in Seattle (about 4-5 hr drive north of where I live) and I LOVE going to visit her!

  3. Interesting, we've been unseasonably cool here in the Midwest (which I, for one, am loving... I'm not a summer person).

  4. I want to read Goodnight June and Landline also! I understand your excitement over the book you found at the sale. We all get a bit nerdy over books, no matter what kind they are.
    I recently moved from NY to SoCal and we love it. My young adult son went to Vancouver and Seattle last year, and he really wanted to move there, but at the 11th hour decided on law school in San Diego.
    Thanks for sharing.


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