Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts: July 31

This is a weekly event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

1. I finished We Were Liars last weekend. Really liked it! It definitely kept me guessing. Hope to post full review tomorrow (Friday).

2. Remember how Iast week I said it rained but the heat was coming back? Yeah...the heat hasn't left. Still in the low 90's here. I hate to say it but cooler weather would be nice. I dare say I'm even looking forward to fall weather.

3. Just found out today that I won a GoodReads Giveaway!! The best part is, it's a book I'm really excited about, Cathy Lamb's new release (in August) What I Remember Most!

4. I'm only 175pages into Harry Potter 6. I'm liking it, I've just been busy with...

5. Peyton! Our new black lab puppy! He's named after Peyton Manning (as we're both big Broncos it football season yet?!). He's been doing really well but since he's only 7 weeks he needs a lot of attention and play time, as well as bathroom breaks every 2 hours. Just like a kiddo :) Needless to say I am exhausted from little REM sleep so reading as much as I normally do has been difficult. But he's SO CUTE!

With me on his first day home
Play time! Love those chew toys...
Any other puppy mamas out there? Any good advice? I'm trying to read up on puppy raising as much as I can. He's such a sweet boy:)


  1. Peyton is so cute!
    Congrats on the GR win! That's so exciting!

  2. I read We were Liars this summer, too. It was a good mystery. Peyton is really cute. Bet she is a handful.

  3. Congrats on the win! I love Cathy Lamb's books...and I have We Were Liars on my reading list for next week. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. I have several dogs, and always have. I also used to be a professional pet sitter.
    7 weeks is a little young when adopting--very immature-- but how could you resist that face?!
    Don't give in to his crying at night just like with a human baby, unless he sounds like he is in distress. Dogs will form a schedule of behaviors early on and it will be harder to change later. He's a Lab, so he will stay puppy-like in behavior until about age 2, and will love to carry things in his mouth/chew on things. Plenty of chew toys, but no shoes! Keep him confined to small areas; too large a space of free-roaming inside will confuse him and allow him to feel okay with having accidents. If you are ever going to walk him on a leash, start that training by about 3 months. Adult Labs are muscular and can tug really hard, so you want leash manners.
    Good luck with him--so cute!


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