Top Ten Tuesday: TV shows

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's theme is: Top Ten Movies and TV shows--but I'm a TV junkie and decided to do my Top Ten TV shows!  Here are my all time favorites, in no particular order:

Dawson's Creek
1. Dawson's Creek

2. Friday Night Lights (Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!)

3. So You Think You Can Dance
(favorite choreographers: Mia Michaels and Travis Wall)

4. How I Met Your Mother

5.   The Big Bang Theory

6.  The Office

7. Saved By The Bell

8. Full House

9.  Boy Meets World

How I Met Your Mother
10.  Gilmore Girls

Any good shows I'm missing out on? What should I start watching on Netflix?


  1. Love your list! I really loved Friday Night Lights. Such a great show. And I watched Dawson's Creek off and on over the years. Full House and Boy Meets World take me back - those were great shows when I was a kid. I wish shows were more like that nowadays. Have you watched the new Girl Meets World? I haven't - I think it just came out last week. Looks really cute! Great list. :)

    1. I saw the first episode of Girl Meets World--liked it but didn't love it. But yes--Friday Night Lights! Best TV series finale EVER. So satisfying!

  2. I, sadly did not watch the last season of FNL (I know! I'm terrible). Hopefully some day I'll get to watch it in syndication.

    That BBT episode with the XBOX vs PS4 - loved it! Cracked me up. Amy is so hilarious - they really made the show even better when they added her character. One of my favorite episodes was on tv the other night. The one where Penny gives Sheldon the Christmas gift - a signed napkin from Leonard Nimoy with his DNA, and Sheldon gives her all the gift baskets and hugs her. I LOVE that episode. Such a great show. :)

    1. YES!! That's my other favorite episode!! "I could grow my own Leonard Nimoy!!" That was actually the first episode I saw--my sister in law was like "You HAVE to watch this show!"

  3. I think the second you watch a Mia Michaels or Travis Wall choreographed dance, you're stuck watching SYTYCD for the rest of your life, in hopes that you'll see something from them again.. :)

    Great list this week!

    1. I completely agree. They are both brilliant!!

  4. It's been fun to see what everyone loves/loved watching. We love So You Think You Can Dance here too. I love those choreographers, but we also love Tyce and Tabitha & Napoleon (I've missed that last pair so far this season).


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