A Wedding in Provence

Title: A Wedding in Provence
Author: Ellen Sussman
288 pages, published July 2014
Genre: Women's Fiction

Note: I received this ebookfrom NetGalley. This is my honest review.

I featured this book on my Waiting on Wednesday post back in May, and was excited to receive a copy from NetGalley! This book combines two things I love: France and weddings! Olivia and Brody, a couple in their fifties, invite their closest friends and family for a garden wedding at an inn near the coast of the south of France. But nothing goes as planned--Olivia's oldest daughter from her first marriage brings a man she met on the plane to the inn, Olivia's best friend discovers her husband is cheating on her, and her other daughter is struggling in her own relationship. Through the chaos of the wedding weekend, and Brody's mother is distraught because he's withdrawn from her and didn't come to the wedding. Can Olivia and Brody focus on love and make it through the wedding weekend?

This book is the perfect summer weekend read. It's light, a quick read, charming, and has a fast moving plot. The ending wrapped up nicely and was a bit predictable, but I expected that.  Since the title and the cover showcases the fact that it's set in France, I would've liked to see more French culture in the book--there were some French words used and a few descriptions of the area but not as much as I was expecting or would've liked. I wanted to feel like I could smell the lavender in Provence, and taste the local cuisine throught the words, and it just wasn't there.

There was also a lot of drama in this book that took the focus away from the wedding--which the synopsis does let you know about, but it still irked me.  I felt the drama was a bit too much, but it did showcase themes of family, love, forgiveness, and friendship. I did enjoy most of the characters in this story--especially Olivia and Brody. I also really enjoyed their Italian chef Paolo--I wanted to know more about him.

This was a good read, but not a great one. However I would recommend it if you're looking for a relaxing vacation read!

Overall rating for "A Wedding in Provence": B-

Happy Reading!