Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts: August 7

This is a weekly event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

1. As you know from last week's post, I am a new puppy mama! Which means my free time has been eaten up by a cute little 8 week old black lab puppy that requires a LOT of time and attention, not to mention multiple bathroom breaks in the middle of the night that leave me sleep deprived during the day. But oh my goodness I LOVE this little guy. He is so adorable and is such a good pup. Here's a picture of him from one of his first car rides! He loves riding in the car :)

2.I'm still working my way through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince--about 250 pages away from being done (it's 650 pages total). Hoping to maybe finish it this weekend. Also started The Bridge from Me to You (courtesy of NetGalley) this week. Enjoying it so far as well.

3. One thing that my mom and I enjoying doing together is going to cooking class! I love to cook (though I'm not particularly good at it) and there's a fantastic cooking store in Salem (Oregon's capital city not far from the town I live in) called Carl's Cuisine. They sell cooking supplies and gadgets as well as offer gourmet cooking classes. My mom and I have taken quite a few classes from Carl and I use many of his recipes and techniques. Anyway, Mom and I went to a Seafood class on Tuesday night that was fantastic! The main course was sole with prosciutto butter. It was amazing. It's so fun watching someone who knows what they're doing cook! Here's a photo of Carl and Amy teaching class:

4. The first Broncos preseason game is TONIGHT. I am SO EXCITED. Football season is my absolute favorite time of year. Go Broncos!! I know it's just preseason...but STILL. It's football!

Hope you're having a good week, and Happy Reading!


  1. Enjoy your puppy! And I think it's great that you and your mom are taking a cooking class.

    I don't enjoy cooking, but used to do a lot of it. Lately, my daughter is cooking meals for our family get-togethers.


  2. I'm SO happy football is back!! I am looking forward to a weekend of game watching.

    Peyton is SO adorable!!

    I wish I enjoyed cooking, but I just hate it. With a passion. I'm thankful my hubby cooks and enjoys it.

    It's funny - we talked about a lot of the same stuff this week! I have been feeling very sleep deprived the past few months. A solid night's sleep feels like heaven!

    1. I noticed that too!! Great minds think alike! :) I would LOVE a full night's sleep right now...

  3. Oh I would love to attend a cooking class! I have to make do with watching the cooking channel :)

    Your puppy is such a cutie!

  4. My husband has been a lifelong Broncos fan, even though he grew up in PA and now lives in OH. He used to hate Manning because the Colts always beat the Broncos and he claimed (somewhat kiddingly) Manning had to be cheating. I even wanted to name our son Peyton and hubby wouldn't let me cause it reminded him of Manning.

    Fast forward to the present and the irony for my hubby of having Manning on the Broncos is hilarious. He of course loves him and sees the man is just freaking awesome! Lol. And my favorite tease is to remind him he could have had a son named Peyton, but noooooo...


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