Bout of Books 11: Wrap Up

Bout of Books
Bout of Books 11 is officially complete! I had a fun week and I hope you did as well! Here's an update for yesterday (Sunday) as well as the final totals for my week:
Goals for Bout of Books 11:
1. Read every day of the readathon: DID IT!
2. Complete 2-3 books: DID IT! Completed 2, one of which was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallwows--long book!
3. Participate in daily challenges and twitter chats: SORT OF DID IT....did the twitter chats but not the daily challenges.
4. Track pages read: DID IT! I even beat my total page numbers from Bout of Books 10! (barely)
Final Stats for Books 11:
Total Pages Read: 851 (beat my Bout of Books 10, which was just barely :)
Total Number of Books Completed: 2

Books Read from but not completed: An Abundance of Katherines (just couldn't get into it) and Lola and the Boy Next Door (almost 200 pages in)
Books Completed:


  1. Glad to know that you had an amazing week:)
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I'll never stop loving this series.I remember how shattered I felt when I read the book,when I realized that I've reached the end of my journey with Harry Potter.

    Mishma @ As the page turns

    1. The series is just brilliant. I'm working on my review of Deathly Hallows/wrap up of my summer reading project now, should post Wednesday!

  2. You had a great week! Congrats on beating your page goal and finishing HP! Glad you had fun with it. :)

    1. I felt so accomplished after reading the whole HP series! So exciting!


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