Bout of Books: Day 5 and 6 Update

Bout of Books

Day 5: Friday August 22 and Day 6: Saturday August 23

Pages Read Today: 208

Total Pages Read this Week: 665

Books Read from today:Harry Potter #7 (163 pages) An Abundance of Katehrines (45 pages)

Books Completed: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Total Books Completed This Week: 2

So here's the deal: Today (Sunday) If I read more than 182 pages, I will beat my number of pages read goal from Bout of Books 10. Challenge: Accepted!!!

Happy Reading, fellow Bout of Books participants!


  1. Nice! I haven't compared my BoB results from one read-a-thon to another. That might be interesting. Here's hoping you break your record.

  2. I need to go back and look and compare my pages read last time. I didn't even think about that - now I'm curious. I hope you met your goal today! Yay for finishing HP!!


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