Life of a Blogger: 13 Years Ago Today

Life of a Blogger is a weekly bookish meme hosted by the lovely Jessi of Novel Heartbeat, shining the spotlight on bloggers on a more personal level. Every week she chooses a topic and shares about her life, encouraging other bloggers to do the same. 

Today's Topic: Where Were You Thirteen Years Ago?

On September 11, 2001 I was just a couple weeks away from starting my freshman year at Western Oregon University.  Since I wasn't at school yet (WOU is on the quarter system, not semester)  and didn't have a job at that point, I was sleeping still when everything happened. My mom (who went to work super early at the time) called our house. I answered, half asleep, as she told me what happened and asked me to give the phone to my dad. I remember feeling guilty because I was still half asleep and didn't really comprehend what she said until I went downstairs and saw the horrible images on TV. I remember feeling scared, confused, overwhelmed, angry. Life as we knew it changed forever that day.


  1. It makes me so sad every year. I can barely get through my Facebook scroll today without tears. I remember being at work when it happened. God bless those who were affected by that awful day and are still affected today.


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