W… W… W… Wednesday, hosted by Should be Reading is a weekly meme showcasing what you just finished reading, what you are currently reading, and what you plan to start reading next.
What did you just finish reading?
I absolutely loved this book. Thought provoking, emotional, and fantastic. Review will be posted in the near future!
What are you currently reading?

Reading this one for Holiday Bookish Bingo--the snow on cover category. Really loving it so far.  I've only read one of Jio's books and it makes me happy to find out that the second one I've read is just as wonderful as the first!
What are you reading next?

Yet another one for Holiday Bookish Bingo, this time for the set on Halloween category! I picked this book up at the library in their Fall/Holiday section and thought it would work perfectly for this category. Not normally the type of book I read, but that's the point of reading challenges like this!
What are you reading this week?
Happy Reading!


  1. I'm glad to see you're enjoying the Jio book. I have been wanting to read another of her books - I love the cover of that one! Can't wait to see your review for Little Mercies, too. I debated on taking it off my list because I wasn't sure I'd want to read it.

    I LOVE Halloween and am loving the cover of that book! Going to have to see what it's about. Hope you enjoy it!


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