It's my First Blogiversary!!

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I can't believe it's already been one year since my first Palmer's Page Turner's post! I've enjoyed this year so much--I've met so many other book blogger friends, read some fantastic books, discovered new authors, and made a regular practice of writing. I'm so thankful to all my readers and people who've helped me along the way :)
Thank you, and Happy Reading!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you started blogging and we became friends! I love your blog and hope you keep it up!

    1. Aww, thanks Brandie!! I'm so glad we met through blogging! Maybe someday we'll get to meet in person!! Thank you for your support! I definitely plan on continuing to blog, I love it!!

  2. Happy 1st blogoversary, wishing you many more to come!

  3. Congrats! Love reading through your posts and social media stuff!


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