Y: Yachats, OR

Welcome to the "Y" day of the A-Z Blogging challenge!  If you need a recap on my theme, "Places I Want To Visit: Real or Fictional"  you can read more about it here.  Today's location is a place called:

Yachats, OR!

Photo of Yachats out the car window during a drive on the coast
(didn't get a chance to spend time there!)
I absolutely LOVE the Oregon Coast. It's not really ever super warm, or warm enough to go swimming in the ocean, and rarely warm enough to wear a swimsuit. But it's absolutely gorgeous.  The beautiful ocean of course, but also the trees, cliffs, rocks, and wildlife are what make the Oregon Coast so unique. The town of Yachats is located on the central coast, and is a tiny town with lots of vacation rentals to enjoy the quiet space. I'd love to have a reading weekend there!

Anyone else love the Oregon Coast as much as I do? Or have nay other fun "Y" locations to visit?