Bout of Books Day 2 Update

Bout of Books

The second day of Bout of Books 13 is behind us! I finished my first book on Day 2--Five Night Stand. Despite it's 307 pages, it has larger font and reads fast. Tuesday night I also got 25 pages into The Girl on the Train before I fell asleep. Already loving that book! Wish I could stay up late to read but this girl needs her sleep! I also read a little in  Sea Glass Sunrise at lunch.  Here are the stats:
22557272Day 2: Tuesday, May 12:

Pages Read Today: 170
Pages Read This Week:  358

Books Read from: Five Night Stand, Sea Glass Sunrise, The Girl on the Train

Books Completed: Five Night Stand

Happy Reading, fellow Bout of Books friends!


  1. 358 pages already?! Killing it!

    1. The book had pretty good sized font...but still :) Great week so far!

  2. Good job! I have only finished one book so far, but I'm working on the second as I type. =)


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