Review: Romancing the Dark in the City of Light

21525983Title: Romancing the Dark in the City of Light
Author: Ann Jacobus
288 pages, published October 6, 2015
Genre: YA

Note: I received this book fromNetGalley to facilitate my review. I received no other compensation, and all opinions are my own.

From Goodreads:

Summer Barnes just moved to Paris to repeat her senior year of high school. After being kicked out of four boarding schools, she has to get on track or she risks losing her hefty inheritance. Summer is convinced that meeting the right guy will solve everything. She meets two. Moony, a classmate, is recovering against all odds from a serious car accident, and he encourages Summer to embrace life despite how hard it can be to make it through even one day. But when Summer meets Kurt, a hot, mysterious older man who she just can't shake, he leads her through the creepy underbelly of the city-and way out of her depth.

When Summer's behavior manages to alienate everyone, even Moony, she's forced to decide if a life so difficult is worth living. With an ending that'll surprise even the most seasoned reader, Romancing the Dark in the City of Light is an unputdownable and utterly compelling novel.

My Review: 

What drew me to this book was this gorgeous cover! And the fact that it's set in Paris, of course. The blurb calls this book "unputdownable", so I chose to read it for Dewey's 24 hour readathon.  Was it "unputdownable"? Yes and no.

I'll start with what I liked about his book. I LOVED the writing style. Quirky, fun, and entertaining. I also absolutely loved Mooney. He was my favorite character in the whole book. He was a bright light of hope in this otherwise very frustrating and depressing story. I couldn't stand Summer as a character. I wanted to reach through my Kindle and shake some sense into her.  I wanted to finish the book mainly because I was hoping she would come to her senses!

I enjoyed this book because of the writing style and the Parisian elements, but I had a hard time loving this one because I just couldn't stand the main character. I didn't like her enough to really root for her. The one bright spot to this was in the last few pages of the book--I was pleased with the ending.

Overall rating: 3 stars

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