A Day in the Life 2016

I just discovered this awesome blogger event this week, so I didn't get time to prepare my post to participate on the actual day (March 23) but Trish over at Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity (who is hosting this fun event!) said it was OK to link up all week, so I thought, why not? 

Here's my day: Thursday, March 24, 2016

6:00am: Hubby's alarm goes off. He gets up. I am happy I don't have to get up yet. Our black lab Peyton comes and snuggles closer to me. I fall back to sleep.

6:30am: I probably should get up. But instead I snuggle with the puppy some more.

In the car and ready to go to doggie daycare!
6:40: Hubby lets me know he's leaving for work, so I turn the light on and make myself get up so I don't accidentally fall back asleep.

6:45am-7:45am: Feed Peyton,take him outside to do his business, come back inside, shower, get ready, make coffee, etc. I am NOT a morning person, so this is a slow process for me.

7:50am: Leave the house for work.

7:55am: Drop Peyton off at doggie daycare. I live in one small town and work in the next town over (also small)  and there is a fantastic doggie daycare/boarding place right on my way. I drop him off in the mornings and pick him up on my way home. I know he is in a safe environment where he can run around with his doggie friends all day...best part, he comes home tired and happy!

8:05am: Roll into work. I work for a mid sized public liberal arts university in the Admissions department, and today is our Spring Break Visit program. Pick up my materials from the office and head to the student center to help check students in and collect admission applications!

8:15-9:45am: Hang out at check in.  Answer questions from prospective students and their families. Collect one application and various other paperwork items for student's files.

9:45am: Head back to the office to process said application and catch up on emails and other work stuff until lunch. Send out an email to all our prospective and admitted students and watch this awesome video--our Men's Basketball team is in the NCAA Division II Final Four tonight for the first time in school history! Last night was the Elite Eight game, and they had a watch party at our local movie theater. The reporter in the story is also an alum, like me. The watch party was so fun last night! Go Wolves!

11:00am: Snapchat my friend Alissa, who is coming over to watch the basketball game, about dinner plans. Email with my "sister in spirit" Bre about the books we're reading, how our days are going, etc.

Mediterranean food truck!
12:00pm: Lunch! Went with some coworkers to a food truck we have in town that makes delicious Mediterranean food! I had a delightful chicken shawarma!

12:30pm: Back to the student center to finish up some details with the program. My side of the office works with processing applications, so I didn't have as many duties during the actual program.

1:30pm: Back to the office.

2:00pm: Book Bingo for April/May drawing! Several of my coworkers are voracious readers like me, so we do an office bookish bingo with a new bingo board every couple of months. Today we drew our new categories! I'm so fortunate to work with some awesome coworkers who share my love of reading!

2:30pm-5:00pm: Work. Nothing too exciting to report here. 

5:00pm: Time to go home!!! Stopped off at doggie daycare to pick up Peyton. He was happy to see me and a tired pup!

5:20pm: Home! Some friends are coming over for dinner and to watch the game, so I begin working on dinner (chicken Caesar salads). Fed Peyton, the usual stuff.

Peyton and I cheering on the Wolves!
5:45pm:  Hubby goes to get my growler filled for the game.  We in the PNW love our craft beer! We have a tap house and growler fill place just a few blocks from our house.

6:00pm: Friends are here!

6:30ish: Game time! Go Wolves!

8:30pm: Game is over and unfortunately we lost! BUT making it to the Final Four with a first year coach is a HUGE accomplishment! Proud alum right here!

8:45pm: Friends leave, clean up kitchen, etc.

9:00pm: Reading time! Currently reading What Happens in the Alps...

10:00ish: Falling asleep reading....time for bed!

And that's my day! Pretty typical for a weekday. I love watching sports, so watching a game in the evening is pretty typical, but it's rare that it's my alma mater on the screen since we're Division II! Hope you enjoyed a peek into a normal day of my life!

Happy Reading and Happy Friday!


  1. Did enjoy it Lori! I am not much of a morning person either. Now retired, but I had to have an 8:30 am cup of coffee before facing a day in the classroom. Nice that there is such a good doggy care centre. Love that you and your colleagues have a reading bingo - fantastic.

    1. Thank goodness for coffee, right! Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks for showing us a peek into your day! I love reading posts like this and seeing how things are similar and different to mine.

    Tanya Patrice

    1. Thank you for reading and stopping by my blog!

  3. How fun! This is a great way to appreciate "normal" days. We're lucky to have them! Having an office bookish bingo sounds like fun, too!

    1. It makes work more fun, that's for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I've loved reading these posts! I didn't know about it until this year either, and since we're about to move my days have been far from typical so I decided to skip it this time. I am definitely planning to participate next year, though! (P.S. Peyton is a lucky boy to get to go to doggie daycare every day! And yay for bookish co-wokers! I'm sure going to miss mine.)

    1. Peyton is a very spoiled pup, that's for sure! There's no way we could give him the exercise and social interaction he needs daily without doggie daycare! He is SO high energy!

  5. This is so fun! I loved getting insight into your day! Sounds like work with some really awesome people and your job sounds fun! I'm sorry your team lost, but it's great that made it that far!

    1. This was such a fun post! Work is entertaining, that's for sure!

  6. Book bingo sounds amazing. I have friends who love to read and some who are crazy about reading, but none who will do such fun silly book stuff with me! Thanks for sharing your day.

    1. Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed my post!

  7. Such a beautiful dog!! And I'm the same about getting up in the morning--I've told my hub to turn on the lights many times so that I don't just roll over and go back to sleep. Thanks for sharing your day Lori. :)

    I don't watch basketball but I feel like I've learned so much from all the various teams because of everyone who watched March Madness during this event. Ha!

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog!! And hosting this event! It was so much fun to do and to read!

  8. I have been thinking about putting my dog in day care a couple days a week so he can socialize. I work from home so he really doesn't NEED to go, but it might be nice for him to get some more exercise and socializing. Now I just need to find the time to figure out where there are some near my house!


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