FitReaders Check in June 3

#FitReaders co-hosted by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About. You can friend me on FitBit here.  
Here are my stats for the last week:

FitBit Steps:

Fri: 8,845
Sat: 11,967
Sun: 11,145
Mon: 10,755
Tue: 12, 054
Wed: 11, 202
Thur: 10, 157
Total: 76, 125

Last Friday was a bummer day in step counts for me. I had to cover our front desk for a few hours for our receptionist (so no breaks to go on walks) and my lunch break was spent crafting a skirt for my upcoming dance recital. (Crafting is NOT my cup of tea, by the way!) and then we spent the evening with friends, so my 10K step goal just didn't happen.  The rest of the week was a success though! Lots of walks with my pup and lunchtime walks. 

Happy Friday (and happy stepping) everyone!


  1. You're doing so awesome! It's okay to have days like Friday. I have at least one a week, and I think it's good to give the legs a rest!

  2. You had an awesome week!!! I try to get in 10k steps a day, and some days I'm way over and some days I just about make hard, but like Brandie says, it is good to have rest days!


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