Top Ten Reasons I Love Book Blogging

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Top Ten Reasons You Love X....

I decided to go with the popular topic--Ten Reasons I Love Book Blogging!! I've been book blogging for over 2 years now and I LOVE it!

1. The wonderful blogger friends I've met. This was a happy side effect of blogging that I didn't realize when I started! I've met some absolutely fantastic people through blogging and sharing our love of reading!

2. Forcing myself to write regularly. I love writing, and the blog gives me a focused platform in which to do so.

3. It gives me an "excuse" to read more.  " I have to finish this book, my review is due!" Hahahaha. Like I need to find an excuse to read!

4. Discovering new authors. I've had so many authors reach out to me to review their books, and have been so excited to discover some amazing independent authors!

5. ARC's. I gotta admit, is is SUPER COOL being able to read books before their publish date! The thrill of getting approved for a new book by one of your favorite authors on it!

6. Book Mail. Duh.

7. Reviewing for tour organizations like TLC Book Tours.  Yet another way to discover new authors and promote books I love. I am honored that they value my opinion and reviews enough to invite me to so many tours!

8. Readathons. I LOVE Bout of Books, Dewey's, ARC April, ALL OF THEM! Such a fun way to connect with other bloggers! 

9. Connecting with other bloggers about things besides books.  For example, I recently joined #FitReaders. It's so cool to have a community of supportive reader/blogger friends who share my fitness and health goals! It's such a fun, encouraging community!

10.  It makes me happy. Plain and simple.

What do you love a bout book blogging? Or, what are some things you love?


  1. Love this!! I agree with them all. SO many awesome reasons to love blogging.

  2. Great post and great lists! Here is our TTT

  3. Love this! I love all the friends I've made, the book mail, being able to speak to authors...everything about it really! :)

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My TTT Post!

  4. Justification for even more reading is a great one.

    My TTT list


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