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If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I've always been a reader. This post explains that portion of my life best. You may have noticed my blog posts have been a bit less frequent this summer, and I wanted to write this post to explain why. Not to give excuses, but to help you learn a little more about me and why these last few months have been so much better for me.

Let's back up a bit--those of you that know me probably know my father passed away in 2013 from vascular dementia.  I was 29 at the time. Most of my 20's were sp6yent dealing with the life altering and downright depressing issues related to his worsening illness. It affected me in ways that have taken years to fully realize and deal with. Not going to go into more detail here, but if this resonates with you and you would like to connect with me, feel free to email me.  As a result of this, one of my ways to deal with my feelings was to read. I've always been a reader, but in the last few years I've most definitely read more, using them as a way to escape and attempt to deal with my emotions. By reading more, I exercised less, ate more junk food, and was overall not as healthy as I wanted to be or should've been. I've always been an active person, so this was unusual for me. I took a dance class once a week but that was about it.

Around the three year anniversary of his death, I finally had somewhat of a wake up call. I realized I was not living the way I wanted to live and I needed to do something about it. I was anxious all the time stressed out, and frustrated a lot. I had read so much about the benefits of yoga, but had tried it in my early 20's and found myself bored. On March 28, I decided to give yoga a shot. I grew up taking all forms of dance classes, so yoga made sense for me. I found the Down Dog App online, downloaded it, and started practicing. It was tough at first, but I immediately started noticing results--feeling more calm and relaxed, in addition to gaining strength and flexibility. I set a goal of 30 days of yoga, which quickly turned into 100 days of yoga, and beyond. I practiced with videos from Yoga With Adrienne. I started taking classes at a yoga studio in my town. I was hooked immediately.  Even people at work commented on how much calmer I seemed after starting yoga.

In short: Yoga has changed my life! I have more confidence in myself, feel more calm and centered, less anxious, less stressed, and gotten physical benefits such as increased strength and flexibility. I've been able to do poses recently I never thought I'd be able to do. I never thought I'd have the arm strength for crow pose or the ability to do a headstand. But here I am! I've learned that my body is capable of anything if I put my mind to it.

If you follow me on Instagram you've no doubt noticed I've posted lots of pictures of yoga poses, as I've been participating in lots of fun yoga challenges.  Because of my shift in focus to books AND yoga, I changed my username to palmerspagesandposes.  Don't worry--the book blog and book content will NOT be going away! I still plan to blog about the books I read and bookish things, it just might be a little less frequent!

I've met so many great book lovers, book bloggers, and now yogis through Instagram and social media! Though yoga encourages us not to compare ourselves to others, Instagram allows for so much encouragement between yogis. An exciting opportunity that has happened lately is that I am now an Ambassador for AltarEgo Apparel ! Their PR team contacted me and said they loved the energy on my Instagram feed and asked me to join their team! I am so honored and excited to be an ambassador for this awesome female run company that makes all their activewear here in the USA. If you're in the market for new yoga gear, check out their website and use code palmersposes for a 15% off discount!

I've gone on long enough, but felt the need to share this information with all my lovely readers! I wanted to explain why my blog hasn't been as active, and what I've been up to. I'm not going anywhere, so I hope you'll keep reading!

Happy Reading, and Namaste!


  1. That's awesome! I had all these plans to get into Yoga this summer but my time lately has been a whirlwind. The one day I did settle in try the dog thought I was trying to play with him... Hopefully this fall it will connect for me because everyone needs to feel more centred and less stressed!

    1. I get a LOT of help from my dog when I roll out my mat!! Haha :)

  2. Lovely post, Lori!! I'm so happy for you, that you've found such happiness with yoga. That's how I feel about running, so I can absolutely relate. These are life changing moments, and I know how awesome it feels! You are inspiring to so many. I'm glad you were able to find something new to love and that makes you feel good!!

  3. Yoga is simply muscle relaxation exercise. I love doing yoga with music RAV Vast


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