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About Do Your Om Thing

Do Your Om Thing coverPaperback: 288 pages • Publisher: Harper Wave (September 6, 2016) Sometimes an hour-long yoga class is the only chance we get to connect meaningfully with our bodies and our minds during an otherwise hectic week. For a brief moment we’re able to let our worries melt away and feel relaxed, centered, and fully ourselves. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to bring that experience out of the yoga studio and into your everyday life? In Do Your Om Thing, master yoga teacher and creator of the popular blog Rebecca Pacheco shows us how to do just that. The true practice of yoga, she says, goes deeper than achieving the perfect headstand—it is about bringing awareness and intention to every part of our lives. In her warm, personal, and often hilarious prose, Rebecca translates yogic philosophy for its twenty-first-century devotees, making ancient principles feel accessible, relatable, and genuinely rooted in the world in which we live today. 
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Wow! What an excellent book! As someone who is relatively new to yoga and completely fallen in love with it, this book was so beneficial and helpful for me! I love how the author told her story of her yoga journey, and explained yoga beyond just the asanas (poses). I especially loved the section on chakras. If you follow me on Instagram, you see that I frequently participate in yoga challenges, where there is a pose each day that you post a picture of. The one I'm participating in now is all about aligning your chakras, and this book came at the perfect time for that! I love the holistic approach the author takes to yoga--there are so many physical, mental and spiritual benefits to yoga and she really helps you to understand that. I also liked the sections about meditation--something new to me as well.

If you are thinking of giving yoga a try or new to yoga like me, I highly recommend this book! It's well written, easy to follow, and entertaining!  I feel like this is a book I will have to go back and re-read parts of, as there is just so much good stuff in this book!

About Rebecca Pacheco

Rebecca Pacheco is an acclaimed yoga teacher, writer, speaker, and creator of the popular yoga blog She has been practicing yoga for nearly two decades and began teaching while studying English Literature at the University of Richmond. Previously a master teacher at the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute, Rebecca now offers her signature Om Athlete and creative Vinyasa yoga classes. A longtime runner and Boston Marathon finisher, she is also the resident yoga expert for Runner's Worldmagazine. In addition to teaching internationally, Rebecca has had the honor of leading the first-ever yoga class on the field at Fenway Park. She lives in Boston with her fiancé, Dan Fitzgerald. Find out more about Rebecca at her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I started practicing yoga last year but sort of fell off the wagon ... this book reminds me how much I enjoyed it and how I really should get back to it.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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