Five Things Friday: January 13th

My awesome blogger friend Brandie from Brandie is a  Book Junkie has started doing this Five Things Friday post, and I love it!  Check out her blog--it's fantastic!

1. This Week in Reading

The Twilight Wife has been on my TBR since I first heard of it a couple months ago, and I immediately requested it from the library. It came in this week and I've been flying through it! I'm currently listening to All the Bright Places on audio book (via the Overdrive app) and I'm loving it so far as well. It's one of those I've been meaning to read forever and I've finally gotten to!

2. New Books I'm Excited About
Just got approved for this one on NetGalley! 

I meant to start reading this one this week but my library hold came in. Excited to start it soon!

3. Fun Thing(s) from the Week
As you probably know, I live in Oregon, near the capital of Salem. We normally don't get a lot of snow and have pretty mild winters...except this year. So much snow. On Wednesday we had a big snowstorm (big for us, at least) so I got to stay home from work.  As you remember from this post, Peyton LOVES the snow. We played outside a lot on Wednesday, and naturally, I had to do some yoga and got his adorable shot:

4. Life Happens 

I've been super busy lately and pretty crappy about reviewing books on the blog. I've posted some reviews on the books on Goodreads but haven't been motivated to write full reviews. Perhaps it's because I hate winter and I'm not motivated in Winter in general. I'll get back at it, I promise!

5. Looking Ahead 

Three day weekend for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday! Happy dance! No real plans but I can't complain about having a Monday off!
Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. We were supposed to have a really bad winter, but so far we have only had two storms and it rains the rest of the time. I like when predictions are wrong! lol The dog has a ball he can only play with in the snow because it slips around too much for him to chew on it. He would like some more snow so he can play with hit more likely. lol

  2. Love your post! :)
    I hear ya on the reviews. I go months when I'm not in the mood to write them, and then go crazy catching up.
    I need to read All the Bright Places! Another book on my TBR I haven't made time for, but hear it's awesome.
    I think you've gotten more snow than us, and Ohio usually gets a lot of it. The weather is so bizarre this year!
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow! I know I will!

  3. I always feel this little sense of accomplishment when I FINALLY get to a book that has been on my TBR list for years! My goal is to work more backlist in this year, but so far it's been all new books.

    We should totally switch places for a week. We can do the house swap like in "The Holiday"! I'll go explore the PNW and enjoy winter, and you come lounge on the beach. ;)

    1. DEAL!!!!!!! I can be packed in an hour!!! Hahaha :)


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