Thankful Thursday

Brandie over at Running on Words and Wine posted this today. I really loved the idea and decided to post as well! Inspiration come from Steph The Bookworm with her Thankful Thursday posts, which are also linked  here. I'm using the same questions that The Blended Blog asked this week.


A New Friend: I have met many new friends at my gym lately. It's been so good for me!

Something shiny: My whale's tail necklace from Hawaii that was my dad's. I wear it almost every day and think of him.

Something ordinary: Coffee!

A person you’ve known a long time: Breanne! She lives in Seattle but we still talk almost every day!

Somewhere you go every day: My house. I am in love with our new house. We worked so hard to pay stuff down to be able to afford it and we made it happen this year!

Someone who’s taught you something: My mom in law! She is awesome and taught me some great family recipes.

A far-away place: Hawaii! Specifically Kona. I LOVE it there.

Something that’s saving your life right now: Yoga. All the yoga.

Someone you see every day: My husband! He's the best!

Something you enjoy doing: Reading!

Someone female: My mom.

A special place: Lava Lake in Central Oregon. So many good memories camping there.

Someone male:  My dogs--Peyton and Elway. They are definitely the special men in my life other than my husband :)

Something warm: my bathtub. I LOVE taking baths!

What are you thankful for?


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you did this!! I couldn't survive without reading and running. I know yoga is your survival, too. :)


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