TBB Asks: Holiday Themed Q and A

I saw this The Blended Blog Asks post on Brandie @ Running on Words and Wine's blog...looked fun!

  1. Real or Fake Tree? – Though I love real trees, we have an artificial one because...allergies.
  2. Favorite Christmas Cookie? – I do love classic chocolate chip! Or those peanut butter ones with the Hershey kiss in the middle. I hate baking but love cookies!
  3. Home on Christmas Morning or Travel? –We usually go over to Isaac's mom's house (20 minute drive) but this year we're hosting at our house!
  4. Clear or Colored Lights? – I like both put I prefer clear on my tree!
  5. Send Christmas Cards? – No...I did the first couple years we were married but haven't since.
  6. Favorite Christmas Present Received? – My ice skates when I was young, and my engagement ring from Isaac in 2005 :)
  7. Favorite Christmas Present Given? – That's a tough one because they're all fun! I love watching people open presents I surprise them with.
  8. Stockings or No Stockings? – Isaac's mom does stockings for all of us "kids". This year we are doing ones for the kitties and pups too :)
  9. Christmas PJ’s? – No but those family matching ones look so much fun!
  10. Favorite Christmas Carol? –  O Come All Ye Faithful
  11. Favorite Holiday Tradition? – Christmas Eve dinner, then candlelight service
  12. Early Shopper or Last Minute? – I try to go as early in December as possible!
  13. Favorite Christmas Movie or Show? – Elf! Also The Santa Clause.
  14. Favorite Holiday Beverage? Wine? Hahaha. But I do love Peppermint Mochas.
  15. Cookies and Milk for Santa? We don't now because we don't have kids but when I was little, of course! And carrots for the reindeer, duh.


  1. O Come All Ye Faithful is another favorite of mine. Celine Dion's version gives me chills.
    How fun that you're hosting this year!!!
    Lol...allergies are the issue for us, too. I would love a real tree and the thought of it is great, but with our allergies, the mess that would make me crazy...I just can't do it.


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