Monday Musings 1/29

My Week: It was a bit of an exhausting week! Isaac had to work a graveyard shift right in the middle of the week so it threw everything off a bit. Had a good weekend--did some shopping with my mom, got some good walks in with the puppies, and a "catch up on our DVR" date night with Isaac.  It was sunny for awhile on Sunday, which helped so much. Now it's back to gray and dreary....I wish it was spring!

Reading: I finished The Lucky Ones last week--I absolutely LOVED it. So much so that I immediately DM'd the Tiffany Reisz on Instagram to tell her how much I loved it. I'm featuring an excerpt on my blog this Wednesday and my review will be on Valentine's Day. If you like psychological thrillers and are a psychology/brain nerd like me, you'll love this book too!! I also started Braving the Wilderness over the weekend. Also picked up The Good Daughter from the library and going to start it today as well.


Workouts: I'm working towards a 10k in May, and ran my farthest distance last week--5 miles! Running is such a mental struggle for me because I get so bored--so I'm really determined to conquer this 10K. I know I can do it physically, it's the mental challenge that's tough for me.  I listen to podcasts to keep my brain busy but it's still a struggle sometimes. Happy with this accomplishment!

Cooking: This Wednesday will be a whole month that I've been dairy free! I've learned a lot and found some great recipes that allow me to still eat foods that traditionally have a lot of dairy, like enchiladas. A lot of these recipes are usually vegan too, which I like. I made these Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas with Avocado Cilantro sauce last night  from the Oh She Glows cookbook and they were DELICIUOS.

Looking Forward to: Yoga and Wine next Monday!! Mikki Trowbridge is teaching!!

Thank you for reading! Linking this post to Hello Monday by Heather from My Glittery Heart!


  1. It's rainy here as well, which I don't mind, but I am ready for warmer weather! I hope you love The Good Daughter as much as I did. I got to see Karin talk about this book at the National Book Fest last Sept - it was excellent! I think you can find the video of her talk on youtube.

  2. Running can get boring after awhile - you got this!! 5 miles is so awesome!! I have my first 5 mile run in my training this weekend.
    I'm so excited to read The Lucky Ones after seeing how much you loved it.
    I wish it was spring, too. We had sunshine yesterday and it felt wonderful. Back to cold and snow today. UGH.
    Have a good week!

  3. I really want to read The Lucky Ones, so I'm so happy to see that you loved it so much. That's awesome. Good luck with the running. I'm so not a runner, but I do need to find more ways to be active.



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