Tell Me Something Tuesday: Winter Blues


Tell Me Something Tuesday is hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings and discusses a wide range of topics from books to blogging. I've usually done Top Ten Tuesday but wanted to switch things up!

This Week's Question: How do you beat the winter blues?

For this one I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's response because the winter blues are a huge struggle for me! The rainy, dreary days in Oregon just seem endless in January and February. I feel like I need an extra large amount of self care during the winter just to stay afloat. It's harder for me to get up in the morning because it's so dark and I just want to cuddle on the couch with a blanket and a book!

These are a few things that help me:

1. Exercise + Yoga! Though it's hard for me to be motivated to go to the gym when it's dark out after I get home from work, I make myself go because  I NEVER regret it after I'm done.  I run on the treadmill, and participate in group fitness classes like Zumba and PiYo. What's great about the classes is others can help hold you accountable! Yoga has also literally changed my life (read more here). If you're new to yoga and want to get started, I highly recommend the Down Dog App (free app!) and Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube. It helps me mentally deal with the challenges of life and be more calm.

2. Get outside! I make sure to leave my desk and go outside at lunch and breaks. It's so hard leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark. I try to go on walks at breaks too to expose myself to natural light!

3. Plan a vacation! Or at least some fun activities to look forward to when the weather turns around. For example, I found out yesterday that I get to go to Orlando in April for a work conference, where the temperature should be 80 degrees! It's just for a few days, but I've been dreaming of pools and warmth and palm trees ever since!

4. Try to maintain healthy eating habits. I find that if I eat healthy and stay on track, I feel so much better overall. Which makes sense, since I'm getting all the good nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin D. I do take a vitamin D supplement. Does it help or is it the placebo effect? I'm not sure. But I definitely notice the difference in my mood depending on what I eat.

That's all I got. I've been doing these things this winter and have still been struggling. What helps you? Do the light lamps actually work? Give me all your ideas!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love all of these!! Definitely helps to stay active and take a vacation this time of year.

  2. I know what you mean. These gray, rainy days here in Portland get so old. This week has been especially bad, and next week doesn’t look any better. I hate slopping around in it. Exercise and eating better help me. I sleep so much better when I exercise and sleeping well makes a big difference too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we won’t have a soggy spring.


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