High Five for Friday: February 9


Inspired by Brandie at Running on Words and Wine and Kim at Kimberlyfaye Reads,I've created my own Friday post!

1. New Books this Week


Reese Witherspoon's February book club pick!  Hadn't read it yet. Saw mixed reviews from blogger friends so I'm super curious to read it!

2. Books I've Been Loving this Week

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Finished this delightful book yesterday! My review will be on the blog Tuesday for  TLC Book Tours! If you love travel books, this is the book for you! I started The Story of Our Lives yesterday and am enjoying it so far!

3. When I Wasn't Reading

Yoga and Wine on Monday was fantastic! I had a delicious glass of Eola Hills RED, a perfect red blend. Got there early and enjoyed some wine while chatting with some friends from work and the gym. The yoga class was fantastic.  Every yoga teacher has a different style, and there's always one you connect with the most, and Mikki Trowbridge is that teacher for me. I felt so fantastic after class. A perfect start to the week.

4. So Random

 I am SO EXCITED about the Olympics, you guys. The Olympics are my FAVORITE. Especially the Winter Olympics/Figure Skating. I will be glued to the TV and to the internet, checking results. I know you'll all give me a hard time about it, but I check the results immediately as they happen in real life! And since they are in South Korea, I can find out HOURS before it's on TV! Don't judge me. I won't post the results on social media or give it away for anyone else. I just like to know as soon as I can! I won't "ruin it" for you, I promise!  Anyone out there who doesn't think I'm completely ridiculous? I get so much crap for this. But I don't care!

5. Weekend Plans   
 So happy to have a full weekend this weekend!  No real solid plans as of yet....reading for sure. Hoping to have a date day or night with my husband since  we didn't get one last weekend! Definitely watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics tonight and as much Olympic coverage as I can.  On Sunday I'm going to another Yoga and Beer class, so I'm pretty excited about that! Good way to head into the new week.

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!


  1. I understand your love for the Olympics! It's exciting - I plan to watch it whenever I can. I'm glad you have a weekend off - enjoy it!

  2. I was so excited to be able to catch some of the figure skating today. Over the last few years, I always seem to miss it. They have it on so late! It's early this time around though. I'm not sure I'll fare so well the rest of the week though. The Story of Our Lives looks really good. I am glad you are enjoying it so far! Have a great week!


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