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Weekend: A short one. I worked Saturday from 8-3, and back at work today so definitely not enough time to rest and recharge. Especially since Sunday was the Super Bowl! We hosted a party that was really fun,  but not nearly enough downtime for this introvert! Although Saturday night was some glorious introvert time--my husband had a guys' night and went to the Portland Winterhawks hockey game, so I had the evening to myself after I got home from work. It was glorious!

Reading: My evening goal Saturday night was to finish The Good Daughter, and I did! LOVED this book!! It was long one (511 pages) but so worth the read! This week my goal is to finish Braving the Wilderness (put it to the side while I devoured The Good Daughter) and am also reading The Wild Woman's Guide to Traveling the World for TLC Book Tours (my review will be posted next week!)



Workouts: After work on Saturday I almost just went home and flopped on the couch, but it was nearly 60 degrees outside, so I couldn't let that go to waste! Went to the middle school track and got three miles in! Felt good to move after sitting for a good chunk of the day! My average pace was 9:22, which I was thrilled with. I would've liked to have done more than three miles but I was pretty exhausted from a long week.

Listening to: this AMAZING podcast!It's the latest episode from The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes. Tererai Trent was the guest--I was not familiar with her story until this podcast and she is SO amazing and inspiring! Immediately added her book to my TBR.

Looking Forward to: Yoga and Wine tonight!!  Mikki Trowbridge is teaching!! I definitely need a good yoga class after a long week and short weekend. 

ALSO: THE OLYMPICS START THIS WEEK!!!!! So excited!! Winter Olympics are my favorite!

Thank you for reading! Have a great week!


  1. I'm sorry your weekend was so short - but it's awesome you got to run outside and have some time alone on Saturday night!! I am jealous of your weather!! I know what you mean about needing some introvert time. We were so busy yesterday - I was exhausted by the super bowl.
    I'm excited to watch the Olympics, too!

  2. Yoga and wine night sounds fantastic! Short weekends suck, hopefully you get some down time soon!


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