Bout of Books 22 Wrap Up

Bout of Books 22 is over already! The week went so fast! I did finish THREE books, only one of which I'd already started, so I'm THRILLED with that! My original goals and progress notes are here. The only thing I didn't do well this week was connect with others as much as I wanted to. The May Bout of Books is always the week of a big event at my work, where I have to work 6 days in a row and it's always crazy, so I have a lot less time for social media, connecting with others, and the twitter chats:( Hoping to do that more in the August Bout of Books, which is August 20-26! August is nice and slow around here.

My total time spent reading was 17 hours and 14 minutes, significantly more than Bout of Books 21, so that was awesome! I read for a super long time on Sunday. I was so tired from the work week that sitting around reading was all I felt like doing on Sunday morning!

I finished these books this week, and loved them all! I read my ARC of the new Emily Giffin in 24 hours--could NOT put it down!!


 Did you participate in Bout of Books? I hope you had an enjoyable week!!


  1. Great reading this week!! I didn't get to participate in the social media stuff or chat with others, either. Just didn't have the time, so I focused on reading when I could. Glad you loved all the books you read! I thought the new Giffin book was so good, too!

  2. Awesome job with your books finished! I definitely did better with Bout of Books 22 than I did with 21. Lol. I finished almost double what I did last time this time around! I didn't do half as much socializing as I wanted. I was asleep during every twitter chat and forgot about getting up for them! LOL.

  3. I had also joined the readathon this week,and I finished 1 book from start to finish and had finished another (previously started) all told I read over 500 pages, but I had life interruptus so I did do the Challenges/updates, and tried to tweet, ah well there is always August!!


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